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 Pike County Partnership Against  Domestic Violence

Contact our office today to set up an appointment to speak with a caring staff member that can help you develop a plan of action to begin your life free of violence. Feel free to call or use the email submission form below.

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194 East Emmitt Ave

PO Box 487

Waverly OH 45690 

Phone:        (740) 947-1611

FAX:            (740) 835-8216

Staff Contact Information

Annette Jenkins, Executive Director

EXT 228

Felicia Diaz-Taylor, Program Coordinator/Shelter Director

EXT 226

Kaylea Reader, Program Assistant

EXT 224

Dee Ruby, Victim Services Advocate

EXT 223

Rhiannon Gill, Sexual Assault Victim Services Advocate 

Point Person for the Pike County Coalition to ​End Human Trafficking

EXT 221

Helen Royster, Shelter Advocate/Case manager

​EXT 222

Stacy Richardson, Shelter Advocate/Crisis Intervention

​EXT 225

Tiffany Noble. Shelter Advocate/Crisis Intervention

EXT 225

Kasi Tolle, Shelter Advocate/Crisis Intervention

EXT 225

Ariel Loop, Shelter Advocate/Crisis Intervention

​EXT 225