Sexual Assault Information
Facts about Sexual Assault: [as a victim of sexual assault]

It can happen to anyone; women, men, children
No means NO!
Lack of verbal or physical resistance because of force, or threat of force, does not mean consent
It is NOT your fault!

Myths about Sexual Assault:

Most rapist are strangersthey attack women at night and carry weapons. According to the Ohio Department of Corrections, 85% of incarcerated sex offenders knew the person they victimized. On college campuses, however, 90% of rape and sexual assault victims knew their attacker prior to the assault.

Most rape victims sustain serious physical injuries. Over 70% of rape victims report no serious injuries. In 80% of all rapes, no other weapons are used other than physical force and coercion. Though you may not appear physically injured, a violent crime has still occurred.

Rape is always a crime of passionThings just got carried away. Rape is not about sex or about someone misunderstanding you. Rape is about power and control. Rape is not an accident—rapists plan their attacks through interacting with their victim, providing drugs or alcohol or ignoring them when they say “no”. If you don’t give clear consent, it is sexual assault.

You cannot be raped by your husband, boyfriend, or partner. 1 in 7 women will be raped by her husband. Of the women who reported being raped after the age of 18, 76% were victimized by a current or former husband, co-habitating partner, boyfriend or date.

Rape is not a common crime. 1 in 4 Ohio women and 1 in 17 Ohio men are raped each year—this equates to around 11,000 individuals each year. Only 16% of sexual assaults are reported so these numbers are thought to be much higher. Up to 41% of sex offenders will offend again.

Help is Available

REMEMBER: You survived the attack! You can choose your next steps. You are strong, and you are not alone. The Partnership is here to help with anything that you need.